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  1. swapped 07 to rs3 with us :), fast and easy

  2. middleman if youre low feedback and if youre high feedback we dont need a MM. All these comments and none of you guys have gold. GTFO
  3. we can use middle man if you have low feedback.
  4. looking for best bulk prices
  5. may i get a trial please? thx
  6. Thank you everyone who responded but i think im not going to play anymore for a bit..
  7. its all good if u dont want to use a MM, I just wanted to buy your 8m. Ill go somewhere else
  8. I get it its totally cool, im not acting weird i said lets use a Middle man? how is that weird lmao.
  9. You're wrong, i said "You can go first or we can use a MM" , as you can tell im in a dispute right now because i got scammed $208 Please dont twist my words and try to make me look like a bad guy, ill take my business elsewhere. I didnt say mods told me never go first on anyone, they told me never go first on anyone that has 10-15 feedback.
  10. Charge back went through, i got my money back! Thank you guys for your help @Decode @Night
  11. I already opened a case on PayPal, thank god I used goods and services.
  12. heres a link of u selling gold on sunday 2 days ago. what do u mean you havent sell gold in a long time???
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