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  1. Since every single OSRS botting client is made for Java, won't C++ basically kill it? We still don't have a well-made RS3 bot ever since it was remade in C++.
  2. Script is good but sadly got one acc banned. Mirror mode and fresh proxies were used. Probably cause I used the fastest setting.
  3. Yumi

    Stealth Quester

    How many quests do people run a day to lessen the chance of being banned?
  4. Thanks! I'll try recreating it when I get back, I'll add on you on discord for that is that ok?
  5. Howd you get it to work? Mine just does nothing.
  6. Doesn't seem to work at all. Just stands there. Tried all walking modes.
  7. Reinstalled OSBot, deleted the folder in the users folder as well. Its stuck here.
  8. Its been like these since yesterday. I'm using AdoptOpenJDK btw, tried it with regular Java. It still doesn't work.
  9. Trying to bot this alt account I made, what's a good mouse recorder for bank standing. Also, heard of using one for agility, what program is that?
  10. I made 10 accounts on a fresh residential proxies from different providers on the OSBot client, finished tutorial island by hand and left them for a day, 2 of them I manually trained on chickens. The fact that I did no botting whatsoever and just used the OSBot client and got me banned already means Jagex has client detection. However, the previous accounts I made using mirror mode are still alive.
  11. What's the difference between the walk settings? And what does low performance mode do exactly?
  12. What video? Also, yes, mirror mode is borderline required at this point despite all the drawbacks it has like 2 clients maximum and it rapes your CPU.
  13. Script is dead again. Mirror mode.
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