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  1. yeah lol I wonder the same thing. But what do I know right? XD
  2. Gotcha, I really don't know what could have triggered it to get me banned Probably just chance...
  3. People are generally sensitive because they just hide behind their computers all day stuck inside of their safe place XD. While back in the day when kids were playing outside and getting into fights with other kids, and what have you, they were more confrontational compared to the kids these days.
  4. Yes! Game of thrones is one of my favorite TV Series ever! I won't spoil anything! But; don't get too attached to the characters... I'm excited for the last season to come out but I hear it won't come out until next year (2019).
  5. Is anyone interested in giving a silver noob some tips on how to climb in league of legends? I've been stuck in silver for the past 3 seasons...
  6. KoRtEr


    I joined osbot because I was looking for a main account and osbot seemed like a very nice community to try and find something that I was looking for. Just recently, I became interested in starting a gold farm/account making farm. So i'm back on here to try and communicate with you nice people to become a trusted trader. XD I wish you all goodluck with botting/farming or whatever it is you are trying to achieve by joining this nice community!
  7. LOL nice try Nice, I bought Fruity NMZ already. I botted on one account so far and it's already banned. On average, how many hours a day/a week did you bot for? I usually bot for 5 hours a day for every day of the week.
  8. I've had terrible luck with botting agility. i've 2 accounts that were banned from botting agility ( 2-day bans though) So i decided it just wasn't worth it botting it at all lol. It just makes you look guilty when you're doing agility only instead of agility and something else (such as fletching/high alching). Because all of the scripts i've used only does straight agility.
  9. These are some great tips. I've been wanting to start a gold farm as of late and I found out quickly that I needed to spend money to make money lol. But; it's completely worth it if you don't get caught botting until you make some decent profit.
  10. Thanks for the tips!
  11. Hey guys, I've been wanting to start up an account making service and I was thinking about creating NMZ accounts. Can you guys tell if it's a good time to be starting a nmz account farm or will all of my accounts be banned instantly?
  12. Fresh account just created in 2 weeks. No bans. No email attached. Username login. Can be made into a zerker (all Defence is quested). Regicide done. Monkey Madness done.
  13. Hi! Can I get a trial plz?
  14. Can I get a free trial? I'm thinking about buying this script.
  15. Do you Agree to the terms of service?: YesWhat is your skype name?: thtkortekiidYour Partners Skype name?: shiner123321Type of trade?: osrs gp for accountDo you have me on Skype Already?: Yes
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