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  1. Can sell you if u got BTC
  2. CURRENT STOCK: 1100M now selling for $0.60 per mill payments: BTC only
  3. @NoCC got this job because he was earlier then the rest. RIP might be done for less i see xD
  4. Need this 2 quests done on a zerker account pm your price below. if you can start today the job could be yours.
  5. @LIAMM got this done thank you mate very fast !
  6. trawalko

    86-94 ranged

    Hey guys i have a pure voider with 86 range 44 def and 45 prayer.. It has nmz quests done. Put your price under this topic + how long this approx take. if you are trusted ill go first
  7. trawalko

    mith gloves

    @abelytoox is on it
  8. trawalko

    mith gloves

    Hi guys i want mithril gloves on my pure and dont have time to do quests and skill. 41 cooking 25 thieving 20 firemaking 10 fishing 5 fletching and the following subquets - Cook's assistant - Fishing contest - Goblin Diplomacy - Getrudes cat - Shadow of the storm -Demon slayer - The Golem - Big chompy bird hunting post ur prices below and how long this will take! if u are trusted i go first
  9. trawalko

    some quests

    Its done thanks for replies
  10. trawalko

    some quests

    Hey guys, who can do these quests for me today? Digsite quest Tourist Trap Temple of Ikov Troll Stronghold Desert Treasure How much u want for all the quests reply under this topic If you are trusted i can pay first
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