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  1. Birdhouse running is commonly botted. If the only things you have are the minimum reqs (only skills and quests needed to access fossil island) you'll be banned fairly quickly. Doing other activities and having more stats will reduce your chances of getting banned greatly.
  2. I've seen them range from 50-80m depending on what other stuff you have (MA 1/2 completed, void, etc)
  3. I've sold 300m+ to rsgoldsales and everything went smoothly.
  4. Haven't had a ban so far from NMZ after botting a couple accounts for a few weeks.
  5. bump still looking for accounts!
  6. bump still looking for accounts!
  7. Terek101

    RWH Account

    Hey, I can build this account for you if you're still interested. My discord uid is 180058493020143616
  8. Great! it should be a simple fix. Script is really good btw
  9. mith glove ready accounts usually go for 20m
  10. I've occasionally died at the break spot a few times. When the bot moves to the break tile(s) to take a break, it is still aggrod by the monster that it was originally attacking. Perhaps the break tile should be closer to Olbertus since it is out of range within the monsters aggro
  11. Sorry looking for 70 ranged minimum
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