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  1. I literally told you the issue. Follow the bare minimum and you'll be right.
  2. Key word "4th acc banned" You aren't running a VPS so this is super simple for Jagex, just connect all the HWID together and link all the accounts together. Don't even bother mass botting if you aren't going to take the bare minimum standards to be successful.
  3. @ProjectPact This would be a pretty high ban rate, wouldn't it? All the static sleeps and actions would be very obvious wouldn't it?
  4. ethan45

    Molly's Thiever

    Trial please @Molly
  5. ethan45

    Perfect Thiever

    Trial please?? Thank you
  6. Trial please?? Thank you
  7. Hopefully you paid a lot more than that...
  8. @Gunmandont react like that.. I’ve been botting for 8 hours on multiple accounts for past 2 months if you’re getting banned in 30 seconds you’re definitely flagged.. and for a mod on a botting website not to understand that makes me lol
  9. You're DEFIANTLY flagged then
  10. ethan45

    Stealth NMZ

    @Token Trial please?
  11. ethan45


    Cheers simple fix which should've been one of the first fail safes added. Thanks for adding the simple inventory check will help users in the future.
  12. Does this script support Skeleton (Ape Atoll) ? And if not is there any plan too?
  13. Did you fix the broken cannon isuse? Can i get a trial please
  14. ethan45


    @ez11 For a premium script this is sure a joke. Another issue i've found it won't logout if you lose your cannon? Just kept relogging me for 10 hours ... Something as simple as an inventory check isn't even being performed? really blows my mind... Could be because of the break handler? This should not be a premium script simple shit like this shouldn't be happening, multiple issues I've found now. @MaldestoThink it's time you need to start reviewing these premium scripts.
  15. Why are people so dumb? Where is your common sense, you bellend.
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