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  1. is for teleport for travel, is bette than house teleport normal, the distance is - long, thin is good idea add the waterbirth teleport tab
  2. play 8h max for day and break 7 -8 h , (4 h play, 8h break)(4h play, 8h brak) repeat this sistem
  3. hi, @Chris bro can add waterbirth teleport?
  4. @Chris bro, the bot got bug after take the boat, can you fix this, have 15h waiting ty
  5. the bot got bug after got boat? v44
  6. is a major problem bro, the acc can get ban for report real player, the real player no are idiot, what you think every time u see the same person stop in the same spot again again? is bot ....
  7. you can fix the bot for dont stop 2s every time in the same spot in the entrance vorkattttt???????????????????? there are 5 times that I post this
  8. you can fix the bot dont stop in entrance vorka?
  9. is great the chri change all error
  10. in entrance on vorka, the bot click same point every time, he can change o fix ? or make dont stop the point?
  11. When you get out of the boat, the first click on the map reaches a point where the character stops and that prompts the players to report the action, Is there a chance that it doesn't stop at the same point every time? I mean in vorkat's entrance
  12. Is there a way you could include spirit seeds to the loot table? they can be traded for stuff at the farming guild
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