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kWarriors Re-boot


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kWarriors is a pretty old script dating back to the OSBot 1 days, perhaps the longest running script here and it holds a special place in many of our hearts (product promotion through emotion). 


Anyways, I finally had some free time to actually update the script a lot. 


New features:

-Ranged weapon support, thrown weapons, bows, crossbows (displays ammo remaining if active)

-Weapon detection, automatically knows when to special attack (ranged/melee)

-Food detection, type in the food you are using and it knows how much it heals and when your character should eat

-Food detection also knows how to eat and bank multi-staged food (cakes, pizzas)

-Informative ESP styled-paint, know what the script is trying to do






Check out the topic here: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/65912-kwarriors-al-kharid-warrior-killer-back-online-02-sep-15

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