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[S] [40/40/40] , [79/79/79] , [99 Magic, Crafting, Cooking, Fletching]


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All accounts come with the original email registered to them, I am the original owner. You will receive the registered email upon purchase, along with information such as previous passwords, country the account was created in, ISP at the time, account creation date. I will only be accepting OSGP, we will use a middle man to perform the trade or you will go first. 


Account 1: 44/39/46 (93 Fletching) (Starting Bid 5M OSGP)


Sold for 7.5M!



Account 2: 79/79/79 (700+ total Level, 7M+ total Xp) (Starting Bid 10M OSGP)

Sold for 15M! 



Account 3: (Starting Bid 20M OSGP)


Sold for 35M! 


Thread can now be closed. 

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