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onLoop return value Antiban


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I have thought about doing a more complicated version of this that involves more behavior than just sleep times. Thoughts on this? I would especially like to see what a dev thinks of it.

   public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException{
        long timeRunning = System.currentTimeMillis() - scriptStartTime;
        double hours = (double)timeRunning/1000/60/60;
        log("Hours passed: " + hours);
        double returnValue = ((Math.sin(hours) +1) * 1000);
        log("Returning value: " + (int)returnValue + "millis");
        return (int)returnValue;
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This is somewhat similar idea of what I'm doing


I have an enum with a bunch of actions we do irl (toilet, smoking, grab drink, check website, get lost in a read, ...)

They have an frequenty rate as well as a min-max duration.

Also got this for pseudo's.

Then based on that I pass the duration as return for the onloop.

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Im still not 100% sure if it would impact ban rates in any way sad.png


The concept is indeed good, I cover something similar in a thread back eons ago.

The execution is a bit off, however, as you can still perfectly model to a sine curve. If you add some randomness, noise etc (as well as distributional statistics!) it will look a lot more realistic as you can have a "curve of best fit" as it were just like a human.

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