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Worse Bad Luck in Rs Experience?


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When i first started playing i showed my brothers the game and a few weeks and fights over the only pc in the house we were all allowed 2 hour time slot each =[ how unlucky is that?! =[

RIP xpwaste


Pidding 0 on 1 hp for 400m


I feel yah on this one... lost 300m when up 80 hp.

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Trying out PVP back when I played RS legit (2004/2005)


My levels where like 45ish attack, 40ish defence and like 40 strength. I took my bank (rune battle axe, rune chain, rune legs, rune full helm) to wildy to go and pwn noobs because I was doing so great at NPC's.




Didn't know anything about the skull system, I rarely saw any dragon weapons and got rekt in a multi zone by dds + ice spells. I litterly cried my self to sleep that night as it took me months to get that gear.

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