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  1. Jowsiej

    Full void

    I am asking 20k per point. So total will be 32m
  2. Jowsiej

    Fighter Torso

    10m 07. Can do it in 1 day timeframe. (around 3-4 hours after starting, but going to bed very soon). @Ariana#5545 If u add me, please sent me a pm with your discord name
  3. Selling cheap rs3 mills. Taking Bitcoin! Price: 0.115$ ea mill. Around 5b in stock! Discord: Brittjuhh - Ariana#9948
  4. Jowsiej

    Need void

    I can do this for 15k ea point
  5. If you still need this done, I can do for 10m 07
  6. I don't see an add. What is ur discord or can you try again?
  7. I can do this for 35m 07 Brittjuhh - Ariana#9948
  8. Hey, can u sent me ur discord name in pm?
  9. Quote pls with time on 1-40 att+str+def on p2p acc. There will be 1m on acc for supplies
  10. Please quote for 100 crates. Its a skiller, lvl 3 with full pyro outfit
  11. Jowsiej

    Rouges outfit

    I can do this for 8m 07!
  12. If still needed I can do for 10m 07
  13. 1. Pictures of the account stats https://gyazo.com/5a0b5b3354fd63ccd0195b3407590d01 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) - 3. Pictures of the quests completed https://gyazo.com/5a994b231498306750f886bb79a5271c 4. The price you will be starting bids at 50m 07 5. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 125m 07 6. The methods of payment you are accepting 07/ rs3 gps 7. Your trading conditions You go first unless good reputation. Or we use a verified middleman 8. Pictures of the account status https://gyazo.com/c33e6f37092498fafde3cfdda857dd5b 9. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address Original owner, but email is personal email.
  14. I am searching for a quote to train my 75 att - 80 str - 75 def to 99s. This can be done by nmz (if you do the quests too) or sand crabs or whatever you want. Looking for a quote. Please only quote under here with price + timeframe, not going for the cheapest, but want to see the quotes from different people
  15. I am searching for powerlevelers on rs3. The account will be delivered with a bond. You get 14 days for the order. If you need longer, its discussable! I pay the supplies if trusted, otherwise you pay and I will pay it back when the acc is finished. I can agree to a trusted MM! Stats needed: 99 hp/mage/def Training at abbys! Payment rs3 gp or equal 07/paypal! 1-3 accs: 300m rs3 / acc 4+ accs: 330m rs3 / acc If the acc is banned, you will not be paid and need to refund the supplies I put on the acc.(75m ish)
  16. Less than splashing. So that would be around 300-400k ish
  17. Accounts done - https://gyazo.com/85b0f0a7856a95a5b60935adaa852552 more accounts done - https://gyazo.com/7551378b0c9c0d23947addd5fa5861eb https://gyazo.com/c039f09c665a05925aca7d0ce0e9e71c https://gyazo.com/8cbad4146904f6bf6a26b40d162210ee
  18. The accounts I was making were for sale. I trusted Taxseazon with the inlog, since he had alot of reputation here too. Now I wanted to train my account to 70-75 def today, and I logged in, my account was cleaned. There was no whip, berserker ring, fury and 5-6m on it. So I checked my other accounts, the 28 rangers are not registered to an email, but the 70-70-70 account with 70 ranged is registered and changed password.
  19. @TaxSeazon Did some services for me, like waterfall quest and 1-28 range on several accounts. There was no email on those accounts, kind of stupid of me that I had faith that he didnt do anything on them. Now I wanted to log in on those accounts, and the accounts were cleaned. There was 14m on my account, and there is 500k left on it. He traded everything off. 1 account has even a registered email and its not mine. I appealed that one, since I am the original owner. Taxseazon was the only one that knows the password of those accounts. I know I was stupid to not change the password. https://gyazo.com/8b78cc0f753daad53697aebe567727d3 https://gyazo.com/f3f35fa869c9fd521f44957adeada9b8 https://gyazo.com/9a118c8103097b09d02bc81c9aec04ad https://gyazo.com/f03f167d3520ba41b8e2e939a620e00c I do not know how to give more proof.
  20. Never bot on an account that you care about... 2-day bans are there, but not given often. Sorry for your loss!
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