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OSBot Unofficial Server

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Alright guys since I hardly have nothing to do since I quit RuneScape 2007, and you lot are mostly jamming in the Chat Room bored, I'm going to start working on a unofficial OSBot Server, this server will be worked on with talented programmers which has been in the RSPS scene for quiet some time, we might also hire some other programmers in the near future if we need any.


The base I will be using for this server will be Hyperion it will be a PK server with rares which you'll have to work and will not be spawnable which can be obtained by bosses or pk points.



There isn't currently a estimate of arrival because we want the PK Server to be pinch perfect, so we will be privately BETA testing it once we think it's ready and have no major bugs or any memory leaks we might of added by mistake or any type of dupes.


Colour Codes:

  • Not Started.
  • Started.
  • Completed.



  • Peter - Content Developer.
  • Rico(Danimal)  - Content Developer & Core & Networking.




Decent combat base: 

  • Melee: Perfect maxhit, weapon timers, special attacks
  • Range: Perfect maxhit, every bow+arrow type, special attacks, arrows drop on ground
  • Magic: Normal spells up to bolts + Ancient ice spells (Easy to add rest)
  • Food and potions work
  • Wilderness fully working.


Decent skill system:

  • Firemaking base
  • Woodcutting base
  • Mining/Prospecting base
  • Thieving (stalls and npc) base


  • Fight caves minigame
  • Start of cook's assistant
  • Following system (Needs testing)
  • Door + ladder system
  • Jagcached client + RSA encrypted (Means that you don't need to download full cache before playing)
  • Shops.
  • Safe Zones
  • Multi Zones.
  • Pk Points System.
  • Bank System.



  • Graham
  • Blake
  • BrettR
  • Scu11
  • Canownueazy
  • Russian
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  • Character back up system.
  • Basic shop system.




Media: More Media will be added soon.


            -  Jagcached ondemand loading.





            - Granite maul special attack.


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