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  1. Amount of RSGP: 10m Payment method: PP Added me yet: yes
  2. I always see him in W1, seen him there like a month ago
  3. I really like it, you kids just aint mature enough to appreciate it
  4. Syche


    ^ Don't complain that your banned when you log out
  5. Guarantee you didn't find this, thanks for the re re re re post
  6. Skype: Raflesia.Osbot
  7. It doesn't make you trusted... but creates a false illusion thus making people trust the seller For example if any of you people use the online black market... people buy rank to become a vendor, but then it's the perfect chance for people to scam... because if your vertified then people don't usually think that they will scam, especially if they have feedback also Anyways... I will buy admin rank for £4000, pm me raflesia
  8. Saves you like $0.60, id rather pay $0.60 than do that Anyways good tip
  9. God I bet these were made on some website template?
  10. They won't put botters in jail, but they can put the website owners in jail Prepare your anus Raflesia
  11. I am botting 80 account at once, 24 hours a day for months on end, no ban
  12. I think you are all paranoid schizophrenics
  13. They can't tell if your using a different client, they just enjoy using the ban hammer
  14. There should be announcements that can be seen clearly on the screen So there is no excuse then for threads, maybe an announcement section on the right near the topics and feedback
  15. There needs to be an age limit on mods anyways, and we don't need a court on here, maybe just more knowledgeable super mods
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