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  1. I just did the same thing on sticky notes for IRL tasks :p
  2. all I need is tut island bot it's grinding and i'm a botter it's the once thing I want to avoid
  3. I honestly came close to looking on other sites
  4. We are in desperate need of a Tutorial Island script; it's grinding making accounts
  5. let the spamming commence
  6. Had my accounts for 3 days atm; strange this account was my newest of 2 days :L others are going strong for now another just got banned as we speak...
  7. what was you botting in f2p before f2p retirement
  8. No I was in f2p (witch is one huge reason why this happened) >.< and it was just coal
  9. I was casually mining away, go to check my farm and notice I get a random event (the spinning box) solved it flawlessly; then disconnect instantly as I receive the reward; wasn't much of a reward for me though.
  10. Instagram: _freshly_baked_

  11. and you was the fastest sperm.....
  12. StarService


    yeah having problems with the ru toggle also, just spams from setting>inventory when it wants to toggle run on
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