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How to draw my path?


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Hello so i wanted to draw my path for debugging resons  cuz it sometimes doesn't work properly but don't know where to start i know how to draw my current location but how to draw my path?


Thanks for help that i will hopefully get smile.png


You can use "Explv's Location Assistant" in the Other section, and just copy-paste your path, it will show on screen.

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Do you mean a predefined path? Or colour all the tiles that your player walks to?


Colouring every tile that your player walks to:

private final List<Position> WALKED_POSITIONS = new ArrayList<>();

public void onPaint(Graphics2D g){


private void updateWalkedPositions(){

    if(!WALKED_POSITIONS.contains(myPosition())) WALKED_POSITIONS.add(myPosition());

private void drawWalkedPositions(Graphics2D g){

    for(Position position : WALKED_POSITIONS) fillPositionOnScreen(position, g); 

private void fillPositionOnScreen(Position position, Graphics2D g){

    Polygon polygon = position.getPolygon(script.getBot());
    g.fillPolygon(polygon.xpoints, polygon.ypoints, polygon.npoints);
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