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Which frat to pick?


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So tomorrow is the day we sign bids. Tomorrow I will decide a path that I will most likely be taking for the rest of college. I decide what fraternity I will pledge. But the problem is im split. I have no clue what to choose. When I decide on one, I think about the other.. So I've come to you guys to get your opinions.


Fraternity A: None to be the wildest guys on campus. They party the hardest every weekend and are the stereotypical frat bros you see and hear about. l They are some rowdy dudes. They get the most girls and throw down the hardest and most often. I started rushing there after a brother sought me out and started messaging me to come to house and chill. He hooked me up and was a real guy and got me a bid. The house had a lot of ROTC guys and I don't really get along with them in a sense that I can't hold a conversation with them. They are really chill dudes and all the "cool" dudes join the frat. Their hazing is also worse



Fraternity B: These guys party too but are more laid back and chill. They party hard but not as often and hard at Fraternity A. They don't really have a stereotype besides being athletes who played sports in high school but quit in college, which I am. They are the chilliest dudes and I can talk to practically anyone of them whenever I want. They have a big house which was an apartment building that was refurnished. They have a bunch of common rooms too and a cool room with billiards, darts, and xbox. I think I fit in this fraternity more with this fraternity.


Why im currently choosing Fraternity A. Im a bit antisocial so I know the Frat will shape me into to them and a more social person. They have more connections, and i would feel like a douche if i didn't accept the bid when the brother stuck his head out for me.



Explanations Pleasee...







UPDATE: I pledged fraternity B.. two days in I can already tell im going to hate it. They aren't at all what they were like during rush. It is horrible. It had been 3 days since I signed my bid for them and I 100% regret it. They aren't as close as they seem. They are always drunk. The house is a complete mess now. They are always drunk did I say that already? It looks like theirs a lot of fighting between the brothers. I joined them for the reason that they were chill and threw down when they needed to. I joined them for the reason that they were chill and threw down when they needed to, they were a clean house and chill. But now that I see their true colors I hate myself now for choosing them. If I wanted to party all the time. I would have chosen frat A being I can deal with them when they are drunk. I partied with them during rush and they didn't hide their true selves. The house it actually clean. I met all the brothers. Did I also mention frat B has a bunch of weird brothers who I didn't meet during rush because they stayed in their rooms the whole time. I don't know what to do... I wish I could go back 3 days and tear up that bid. Looks like my housing is going to be fucked next year... And ill have to re rush. I don't know how im going to break it to them I don't want to pledge them. 

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