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Inventory problems


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How can everybody on this forum use: "getInventory", "inventory.isFull()". My OSBot just doesn't have a reference to inventory, what the fuck is an inventory eclipse asks me when I try to put any of the related code into my own script.


Even the API http://osbot.org/api/org/osbot/rs07/api/Inventory.html says there should exist such a page. Well, the latest OSBot I've downloaded doesn't have such an import.


Why and or what am I doing wrong?

Such things don't exist for me.


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Do what apa said first. Once the jar is connected with your project. You can reference it about you bring jn the import. Usually I call the class and then its import.

Finally @op when grabbing classes from the method provider / script class. Always use the getter methods. getInventory() getBank() getStore()

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Also getting this when getInventory()


The method getInventory() from the type MethodProvider refers to the missing type Inventory


Because I haven't imported inventory which I cannot import because I am missing the import. I just downloaded the latest osbot on the main page and added it to build path, this is completely random and retarded that I'm currently having this issue, or I'm just stupid.

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