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Hey everyone!


I just want to thank Divinity for everything he has done for me and I want to spread the lovewub.png 

Using my own money,  you can WIN any of his following Extreme scripts:

1. 5PfLw3G.png?12. dBU0NJR.png?13. ZXF83NF.png?24. ZHG3VJ1.png?15. 8TZ6yLH.png?1

6. ad97vXo.png?1ANDniS3SXM.png?1

(Since the smither and druids are cheaper, its a 2 for 1 deal!)




Now the rules are simple: Guess a number between 111-1111 and I would use an random number generator 


Everyone can have up three guesses by:

1. By liking this post and the thread of the bot you want (I WILL CHECK IF YOU LIKED THE POST OR NOT)

2. Putting the logo [above] of the bot you want into your signature (just copy and paste it, but make sure the image is still linked) for a minimum of two weeks 

3. By purchasing any of his script. Doesn't matter if you purchased this before or after this thread, just make sure you write what script you have/purchased. (TRIALS DO NOT COUNT)


Any cheating such as posting multiple guesses when you are eligible for one or lying about purchasing a script will result you being disqualified.

Make sure that your guess is different, if there is a case that the lucky number is picked by multiple people, then the first person to post will win.


The person who got the number or is closest will win!

Contest will end whenever I feel like drawing the winning number but you have at least 24 hours so post away

So good luck and have fun!!!








Special thanks to: Dex


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