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PayPal protection has been changed


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hey! Have you guys seen the new paypal update? It seems they now cover digital goods on their seller and buyer protection:

Just received this morning:

As part of our commitment to continually improve our services and the benefits we offer to our sellers and buyers, the Protection Policy PayPal Buyer will cover intangible products from 1 July 2015, including services and digital goods, such as music, books and digital media in games, air tickets and download software, as informed by e-mail on 12 May. This is great news for you, the seller, since the inclusion of such coverage will increase the trust of your buyers when purchasing services and intangible products.

Once this coverage comes into force, PayPal will ask you to provide evidence showing that the buyer has received the product or service or benefited from the transaction in cases of complaints opened by reason of Product Not Received (PNR) or Product Unlike Description (PDD) related to the purchase of an intangible product or service.

By providing this evidence in the requested deadline, you will be able to open the complaint based on the Buyer Protection Policy can be decided in his favor. The type of evidence may vary according to type of product or service offered and resembles the documentation you already provides to respond to cases of Chargeback.

To learn more, see our Updates page of the contracts and lower the Answer Guide to Claims for Intangible Assets. If you prefer, we are on hand to resolve any problems or questions that you still have through our Customer Service, 24 hours a day, 07 days a week on 0800 892 1555. Calls are free

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Yeah, Paypal and Ebay have now gone single companies to dodge tax and make more money, this is true they're making online goods as long you have full confirmation via skype, videos, pictures, I spoke to someone the other day via phone on this matter and they confirmed it all.

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that's about goddamn time. the amount of $ i have lost due to scammers through paypal is TOO GADDAM HIGH!

Everytime i have tried to make a claim/dispute their support just denied it straight away after the scammer said he was legit and all that shit.

i hope they will look more into this now, because even though i had vidded the whole  trade and tried to send it to paypal they denied it. gg

hopefully this is gonna be all over now <3

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