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BETA v1.7.20

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In this release we feature the following patches:

  • Run away from combat waits longer now and returns to it's starting position
  • Freaky Forester has been patched (they changed the name of the exit portal, very sneaky Jagex...)
  • Frog Queen has been patched (although not verified, I tried spinning flax for 5 hours without a single case of Frog Queen -.-) (VERIFIED!)
  • GilesNilesMiles has been patched
  • Maze has been patched
  • Surprise Exam has been patched (more questions/clues have been added)





Laz and the OSBot Team.


As always, the newest OSBot client build can be found at our homepage: http://osbot.org


If any of you have any accounts stuck in Frog Cave, PM me the details please.

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