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Reading the absorbtion text in nmz


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Each 1 of the absorption number is equals to 1 damage hit

So in this picture, you have 349 Absorption, which means you can take 349 DAMAGE before it runs out.

Bretend it is a saradomin brew that adds an extra 349 hp on top of your NORMAL HP.


So I have to track the hits the monsters do?


Isn't it easier to just read the text?

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implement the onMessage method in your Script class.

void onMessage(Message message) {
    if(message.getType() == MessageType.GAME && message.getMessage().contains("damage absorption left")) {
        String[] parts = message.getMessage().split(" ");
        try {
            int pointsLeft = Integer.parseInt(parts[3]);
        } catch(NumberFormatException | ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException ex) {}    

NOTE: Typed it out without an IDE. The syntax may be faulty.

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Lol, I hadn't even noticed that.

There will be a client config (VARP) that you can read the value from directly, then (most likely). Try using the client config debugger



Cause you are obv not as good as me? OSD PLZ.


But yer i have this in my script ill post the widget thingy when i get home from work :P

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