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Selling Lvl 89 [Staker ♦15M A/W♦]

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I've already put up an old staker of mine but decided to sell one of my mains aswell.

Reason being is I don't need it; I have another main I'm currently playing which is better so this account has no use to me anymore since I'm not gonna bot it either.

I threw both accounts with information down below.




Account #1 sold for 70M




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pictures regarding account #2 (Level 89 staker)  (Current offer: / / Autowin: 15M)







(lots of stats blurred due to people leaking pictures!)
►No wealth at all



► (Original) Owners; Only owner has been me, E-Mail Login (not a throwaway, still using it).


► Payment; 07GP/RS3 (PayPal from highly trusted).

► Trading conditions; I'll go first if you are trusted enough, otherwise you'll go first or we can use a MM of which we can split the fees.

► PM me or leave your Skype in a reply.


Feel free to ask me any questions regarding the account, I prefer through PM.

You can leave your offer here or in my inbox.






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