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OSBot 2.3.70 - Instant world hopping

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This update should not be coming as a surprise, I routinely monitor the game News & Announcements to ensure what we have reflects what is currently available. I did a check to see what scripts were affected and only a very small batch of scripts will break (less than three). 



-Added Mouse method scrollUp()

-Added Mouse method scrollDown()

-Added RS2Widget method getBounds()

-Updated LogoutTab logout() to account for world selection screen

-Added WidgetSizeFilter

-Re-wrote the Worlds API

--Worlds no longer uses the XWorld instance

--Worlds is now strictly based on instant-hopping

--Worlds can be set as their short or long value (eg "2" or "302")

---This affects the settings hopper as well


The API Docs have been updated!


Happy Hopping

-The OSBot Staff

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