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Stuck at 'Searching for OSRS client to attach to'


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So I opened osrs client, opened mirror mode, logged into osrs client, closed and reopened mirror mode, then logged out of osrs client. It didn't work for me, am I missing something?




you need to be at the login screen in any client, or a webbrowswer, if its not picking it up, login on the client/broser then restart osbot, it'll find it, then just logout and log back in once its found it.


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1)check how many Java Updates you have installed if more than 1 uninstall ALL OF THEM then download newest version (just 1)

if that still doesnt work
2)load OSRS client all the way, then boot OSBOT in mirror mode, it should load 100%


All it does is it gets stuck at Searching for OSRS client to attach to, 

i have the updated mirror client and updated java and i followed to the video guide instructions yet it wont work.


any one help?


Its the newest mirror client verison.



Same problem any1 can help??


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