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PSA: Be carful about botting before going to bed


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Twice now I have been botting and planned to turn them off just before I go to sleep. (Around 1am each time).

I end up falling asleep and the bots run all night meaning the chanses of being banned is much higher.

I have yet to be banned although just warning you all to keep and eye on your bots :D

Also, if someone happens to know a way of making your bots shut off completely at a certian time (say.. in 5 hours) that would be lovely.

I dont mean set the break to be in 5hours and set length to 9999. I wish to have a failsafe if i forget to turn them off and if i can make osbot close or the osrs client. I am sure that the bot will stop and just logout on its own.

Cheers. Hope it was useful.

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Lmao ya'll taking botting to the next level with mirror huh...

And to answer your question you could always not put in details for your login so it will auto log you at 6hrs and since there is no details it wont log you back in.

Although there will be no breaks able to be taken. Thats the downside which I dont like :(

You could set breaks, or set an autoclicker to turn off your pc at a certain predetermined time.

good idea. Autoclicker to go off in 3or so hours to close, shutdown or even 'end task'
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