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about botting.

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It depends on what your botting? I would say that you can bot longer when when training skills for xp versus money farming. E.g. Botting hunter would have a higher ban rate than agility. Again, it is circumstantial and try to bot in low populated areas and make sure your script is not too bot-like. 

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Botting will lead to a ban one day.

Back in 07 I botted for two years and never got banned, achieved 4 99s and a great total level, but it ultimately ended in a perm ban one sad day.

The account is still banned today despite multiple appeals. RIP "Dawg733" my first RS account </3

this bring memory...my first acc got banned too :/  u just reminded me of it...i tryed so much to get it back, but never got 1 answer from fagex :/

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