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  1. Damn someone buy this :c
  2. 120m osrs .40/mil! Crypto Preferred 120M Left! Discord Savage#9326
  3. Sheesh, I was just hoping for around 300m. Thanks for your input.
  4. 11 Year old account. Username log in. 199 QP 1800+ total Graceful / rogues / fcape / b gloves / prospectors Stats: https://gyazo.com/b083527f7e3a160d6b0cd31fe498163e
  5. We will be using a MM for large sums. Skype: SavageAIOservices contact me for pricing. Paypal, BTC or Venmo are accepted.
  6. Payments accepted: Venmo/PP (From trusted only)/BTC Skype: SavageAIOServices
  7. 100%. Can't wait to relive the glory days.
  8. Will provide stam pots/full graceful 70agl/70 pray Skype: SavageAIOServices
  9. Looking to buy 143m OSRS. Verified PP using paypal balance. Skype: Savageaioservices
  10. Buying around 25m. Verified PP or BTC. Skype: SavageAIOServices
  11. Looking for about 46-70 RC. This MUST be done by hand. Please post prices and estimated time needed for completion of this.
  12. Savage

    Rogues outfit

    I've messaged you on Skype, still needing this done.
  13. Savage

    Rogues outfit

    70 agility and 65 thieving Leave price and timeframe please. Currently at work for the next few hours and would like to have this knocked out before I'm off! Thanks!
  14. Has been completed. Currently at work and don't feel like blackjacking. Paying 1m to have this done quick. Skype: SavageAIOServices
  15. EDIT: Purchased Paying via BTC/PP Skype: SavageAIOServies
  16. $0.95/Mil Skype: SavageAIOServices
  17. Skype: SavageAIOServices Verified PP. $1/Mil
  18. Savage

    Diablo 2 stuff

    USEAST Ladder Have full HDin/merc gear with eBugged Fort for trade. Also a lot of 7% mf Small Charms and other various goodies. Skype: SavageAIOServices
  19. Post rates. Verified PayPal. Skype: SavageAIOServices
  20. Current stats 90/99/83 Looking for 83-90 def and some attack xp also. full dh/max str outside of it. Post rates please
  21. No idear who they are. No reason to dislike them and probably wouldn't trust them yet. :P
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