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  1. dumbass I told you how to refund payment.
  2. Wait.. I didnt receive the first $95 in the first place, but here I will just say fk it, and fk this game. I recovered the account and now have my RS account back. I will just do it for $45 so you pay for half of the account. Its still a steal for you for such a great account if you want to do that. Or.. you can just continue with paypal dispute and get your money back if you want to do that.
  3. Honestly you would still get it cheaper if you buy the parts separate and just bring it in to a store to put together+you get better performace. CPU AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor $99.99 CPU Cooler Arctic Cooling UCACO-FZ13100-BL 4.0 CFM Ball Bearing CPU Cooler $33.99 Motherboard Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P ATX AM3+/AM3 Motherboard $59.99 Memory Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR3-1866 Memory $44.99 Storage Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive $50.99 Video Card Asus Radeon R9 270 2GB DirectCU II Video Card $149.99 Case Sentey Ste​alth-GS-60​08-Plus $39.99 Power Supply EVGA 500W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply $39.99 Total: $519.92 The AMD Processor is better for multitasking like botting while you can substitute it for an intel i5 which is better for gaming. This current build could play games pretty well. An example is it will run BF4 on Ultra from 48-60 fps. If you want you can invest $30 more and get a r9 270x while will increase your performace.
  4. Aw man, I would for sure buy it if I only had a gpu able to run bf4 at consistent 60fps. DAMN YOU GTX 750 TI!
  5. Yeah, I would be pretty pissed. The guy never did pay with my paypal so I have no records of Nox even paying in the first place(not saying he didnt) but just food for thought. He says he did, and with the mail I have gotten from him about pressing fraud charges makes me a little bit worried.
  6. I am not sure, he hasnt replied since yesterday. I imagine he can chargeback even if the person spent all money. This was not with my paypal so i have no clue.
  7. I asked deceiver to place it on and keep it for now. I have to get all this mess fixed up and then I guess I can get it taken off.
  8. tldfr; got hacked & ddosed all because of teamviewer & Nox got scammed >hacker abused my accounts all over to his advantage >Nox ended up being scammed >All because of teamviewer. Dont use similar passwords for all your accounts. /thread Btw can a mod switch my name back. I am all out of name changes.
  9. Nox..I am so so sorry that you ended up getting scammed. I was not able to connect to internet yesterday because I would connect and then it would quickly switch over to searching for connection, and also became so slow when it did connect that it would take a few minutes to load up a website. I was trying to get on to switch all my passwords which wouldn't have worked since I found a RAT by using MalwareBytes Anti-Malware later in the night. I did a fresh install overnight, and am switching all my passwords now. Nox, I am not sure if I actually did scam you because their is no chat history in my skype with you. I am not sure how paypal refunds work but I am pretty sure you still get a refund, even after they spent all their money? >How I got hacked basically went down like this.. >I was on teamviewer with this guy who said he can help me do fight caves. >I tell him im gonna go get something to eat brb >Come back everything looks good, he is still on wave 32 >Everything looks good so I dont think anything happened. >Everything is fine for the rest of the caves until jad. >The teamviewer starts lagging like crazy. Feels over 400+ ping, and the Jad Guide Webpage starts unresponding. >Computer screen goes full black >Computer still running >I have no clue what is going on, so I try to unplug,plug in monitor >Doesnt help, so I click the computer shut down. >It works, and computer shuts down >I restart and go back >Everything looks fine, except on chrome when I opened it showed recently closed"This did not close correctly etc, want to reopen". >It is my gmail,runescape page. >Then I try to click on the runescape page and internet went to sh!t. >Getting full on ddosed i think >Try to get on my phone to change passwords, wasn't fast enough apparently. >I managed to save my LoL&Steam + a few other email addresses >While internet is still terrible, I try to manually reset the ip so I turn off modem, pull it out of plug for , plug back in.. >Hope this fixes it >Nope this doesnt fix it. >Go on my phone and will try to change all other passwords. >Come to osbot and see that my mail is blowing up..from Nox >Apparently I scammed. (I am not Czar) >I check my paypal and I do not have any money so they must have used their paypal, and skype is showing no chat logs. All I have as proof is the osbot mail & the posts he made on my account section. >Also don't have the account while I am writing this. Runescape still needs to check the recovery if this is really me... >Well I am fked and so is Nox >Download Anti-Malware over a course of 2hours since slow internet. >Find a RAT >Delete everything(Not backing up anything) >Now im writing this trying to explain my part of story. >Lesson: Don't have same passwords with similar user names on all your accounts. Btw. If you do post some images of the whole paypal and proof of money transfer, and you would still want the account I would honestly still sell you it if I get it back. We could use a trusted MM(preferably a mod) off this site. Im sorry bro, this is as stressful for me as it it is for you.
  10. Check out dis profile.
  11. Alright you are highest bidder atm then. If nothing new falls through I will sell to you
  12. Bid noted but I currently have am $85 offer on playerauctions.
  13. Gold farming main source of income.. well.. that is not gonna be close to achievable... You make better money working minimum wage then off goldfarming unless you have 10+ bots running natures at 91 runecrafting or something 1mil/hr... which there isnt any at low levels especially, close to achievable and being able to bot without being banned.. You wont be making huge money especially since gold sells 1.mil = $1.2... You would need a huuuge farm for it to be even close to good money irl, and can all be diminished with a chain ban if you are not safe.
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