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    Hardcore gaming like Candy Crush.
    well.. i am fk'd literally..


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Definite's Feedback

  1. Nox left Negative feedback   

    Fished me for his main. Gave me false details, should be banned. Do not trust.

    Definite was The Seller

  2. Littlewayne left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, A+ work. (:

    Definite was The Buyer

  3. bellic left Positive feedback   

    sold 5m 07 @ BELGOR GOLD

    Definite was The Buyer

  4. Jacob_ left Positive feedback   

    Cool guy, Good seller, would recommend to any first time buyer.

    Definite was The Seller

  5. Jamaica left Positive feedback   

    bought from him AWP for 07 gp thx <3 :D

    Definite was The Seller

  6. doiro left Positive feedback   

    Flawless, helpfull and nice, great buy

    Definite was The Seller

  7. Greengo left Positive feedback   

    Sold em a bondz <# thanks

    Definite was The Seller

  8. Alch left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for trading with *www.BoglaGold.com*

    Definite was The Seller

  9. Nike left Positive feedback   

    Sold User $15 voucher Thanks

    Definite was The Buyer

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