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I'd rather have him working on the bot than browsing the forums...


What exactly is he working on? Last update shows what @Alek and @Zach did, I don't see his name anywhere.


What exactly is @MGI working on? For 17 days now I've been dealing with a login bug which has been causing me to restart my clients all day long. I cannot leave my computer for longer than 30min or else 3/4 of my bots will be stuck at the login screen. 


It would be fantastic if they could tell us what they're doing. Like, I cant run anything properly at the moment. What am I suppose to do? Just sit here and deal with it for weeks on end and say nothing? Like I have no idea when this stuff is gonna get fixed. It would be great if @MGI could come on here and respond to the mirror bug reports and at least acknowledge them and it would be great if everyone else could just try being more communicative with the community.

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