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Hey everyone!

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Hey guys and gals! I'm pretty excited after around a year of not playing this game we call Runescape... I am back! School just got out and this is the first summer I am not playing summer baseball, so I'm gonna have a lot more time on my hands to be able to be productive. So here I am, saying what's up!

I was going to start a fresh account as I don't remember any of my information of my last one... So as soon as I am able to, I'm also going to need to buy an account from someone, so be on the lookout for a topic of that sorts. (Cough all you people with accounts for sale, I'm looking for a decent account)

I won't get into all that yet, as this is just an introduction topic! So yeah, I'll be seeing y'all around and happy Scaping! (And botting) :D


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