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[FRUITY] Fruity Enchanter [In Progress]

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Uses magic to enchant all jewellery enchantable!



Not 100% sure at this moment but more than likely not free because i would get complaints.



  • Simple GUI
  • Enchants all Sapphire/Emerald/Ruby/Diamond/Dragonstone/Onyx Jewellery




  • Start wearing the right staff for the spell.
  • Put in the right information on the GUI
  • Press start!



Anyone who has made a guide and then somehow i have found it on google.

Chat box for being offline and making me do something.



View My Video







All Jewellery

Custom Mouse

Basic Paint

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Spelling error



Sounds really nice happy.png


Supports bolts?


Bolts are in progress litterally only start it this morning!. 

I am working on it though!


Also ty for point out error xD

my boy is goin bigggggggg!1! nice man, sure it will get some good use.


Aha i hope it does :P Profit + Magic xp cant be useless i spose aha

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