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No reports = No ban?

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Guys I'm just wondering if I bot and if for example no one ever reports me, does that mean Jagex would never find out and not get banned?




I'm sorry my friend but no, the chance of being banned is still there. Doesn't matter whether or you're being reported, as long as you bot the chance is there :)

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They use anti bot technology, a program which tells them if a human or a program is playing the game.

Of course they can't catch everyone and scripters/developers try to act as human like and as undetectable as possible,

however the risk is always there to get banned. 

They mainly focus on banning goldfarmers though.


I don't see reports as a big problem regarding bans, it's more to get caught by their anti bot program.


Since a few weeks, osbot supports the mirror future which has lowered the banrates significant.

For informations about the mirror future click here


Also if you browse through the section "Runescape Bans" you will find a lot of discussions regarding bans, how to lower the risk and more.


Good luck happy.png

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Lmao, no. You get banned regardless of reports or not. I remember someone saying that botting con is so safe because there's no one around to report you, lmfao.

You get reported when the system detects certain movement patterns as you play RS. Bots use the same pattern over and over and it's hard for it to use random movements. Even when it uses random movements, it'll use the same random movements over and over this creating a pattern in itself.

Humans are very complex so there's no way you can do the exact same action over and over in the same exact manner with minimal deviations. Their system detects which player has more pattern like movements opposed to those with similarly different movements.

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