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Been a while, f2p ironBotMan

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Hey guys, wow it's been a while. Alot of stuff happened these past couple of months positives and negatives but hey im (kinda) back smile.png


So what is this thread about? Well i want to go back into scripting the problem with this is i don't want to put my legit accounts at risk while script development. Because yes, i am one of the few that actually plays legit in the botting scene and i've put 100's of hours in my 2 accounts. And i always wanted to set myself a challenge so i was thinking why not kill 2 bugs with one stone (thats an english expression right?)


Introducing: F2p IronBotMan! The goal is making a f2p ironman and getting most of my skills to 60-70 before i revert it back to regular memeber and start developing scripts with it.


The current goals are : 66 magic for revamping my old air orbs script, 50-50-50  mellee to make a new druids script (old one was garbage)-like 40 smithing to make a cannonball script (already made actually just needs testing), etc...


Day one:

Did vampire slayer for attack xp and stronghold of security for geepees and i also got some levels from cooking my food etc...





Did some grininding and questing, now i need to start crating to make money for armour and weapons and stuff



Gl me





Slaved couple of hours to get this:

3e5c2a4f469e77b1aead119b44f20f54.png then this: 26a60f15dde69bca5d56934ff849c9e7.png


Went to sell all that to bandit camp and got pked for them. So pissed right now, so pissed


TL;DR: This account was a total fail. ill just continue to max out my legit account :p 

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