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This is by far the craziest shit I've ever deal with of the 6 years of being in the black market.

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Ok, so long story short, this guy scams another guy.

The guy that gets scammed then completely dox's the person who scams him.

Found his facebook.

Twitter - also has a picture of the dude going on twitter and claiming to make $130 in 5 minutes a few minutes after the trade (LOL).




Phone number.

He then proceeds to file a police claim for the theft of virtual goods - this really is a crime.

He then asks me if I can send the guy screen chats of the talk I had with the scammer because he found the scammers parents on facebook and he's going to talk to them about their kid before proceeding to file a scam report.

Like omfg, I never seen this shit before. He's talking to the guys parents about his kid scamming, this is some funny shit.


I would post the fb/twitter and stuff, but that's against the rules. :P

But this is hilarious, omfg I'm laughing so hard right now.

Update: he got his gold back from the guy, LOOOOOOOOL

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