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Drug Safety Q/A [I'm a Doctor]


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Just attained my M.D. this spring at The Ohio State University.


Many people think drugs are dangerous and should be outlawed all together. I personally do not share this belief and even if I did why not instruct people to lift off safely instead of playing the guessing game.


I'm a frequent Psychedelic user ( Acid , nBome's , DMT ).


Marijuana is used Daily


I have schizophrenia ( <-- The reason i began using psyc's to find out who I really was )



Questions on use , effects , and safety post below.


SWIM is a must! (This site allows minors) (S.W.I.M. - Someone who I met)





---- Some of my experiences ----


Starting time 5:00PM


Intoxicant - DMT | AKA - The Spirit Molecule


About me - I'm 6'6'' 240lbs. Played football at OSU (Defensive End) very experienced with Psyc's.


Method of Intake - Vaporizer


I packed 100 Milligrams of DMT into the Vaporizer turned it on and let it heat up. After about 5 minutes it filled with vapor and I took three large hits and held each in for 7 seconds each except the last one because I don't remember taking it (I was told I did).


Visuals first 30 seconds - Fractile Neon Patterns all around me and it felt like I was being sucked through a straw across the universe.


??? - When I "Landed?" I found myself in a place that I can only explain as heaven. It was a Giant Glass Dome that was gold all around me with a magnificent city (All Glass Except the Tower it was gold and platinum possibly?) Two small mechanical "elves?" came to me and began talking in an ancient language that I could somehow understand. They gave me these fabrige cubes that would be priceless here. We began hopping worlds for what seemed like five years (Literally) and they kept taking me to new and incredible places.


Come down (10 Minutes Later) - Fractile patterns are still everywhere and the body load completely noticeable.


20 Minutes after taking - At base camp again all effects have subsided 

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Most people I meet that bot in game ask me a lot of questions about drug use {After they figure out I'm working with two hospitals} and safety precautions. I figured why not enlighten people and keep fellow botters safe in their personal experiences. A community is a group that keeps each other going wink.png

Interesting. Did you extract the DMT your self? (Explain the process if you did please biggrin.png)

My roommate is the chemist i buy  the supplies ;) I suggest momosa hostilis root bark for extraction though it is undoubtedly the best substance to extract from. 


I'll see if I can get him to send you a step by step in PM.

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I'm more concerned with you being a doctor who takes acid regularly. 

My definition for regular Acid use is 1 Blotter per  month. This has been a safe method for acid intake and has been extensively researched. Drugs are like firearms , Lay them on the table or give them to someone who takes with caution and they are perfectly safe , give them to an ignorant 18 year old who wants to "Get turnt as humanly possible" and problems will occur. 

Good shit man, I heard people use DMT to find out certain answers within themselves? Have you ever heard of that?

It's the same chemical that's massively dumped into your body at two points in your life , Birth and death. So I'm sure everyone will learn something.

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--- Trip Report ---


Date of Intake: 6/20/2014 - 11:33PM

Intoxicant: 25i NBOMe

Amount: 3x 1200 Micro Gram Blotters

RoA: Sublingual



0-45 Minutes : Put the blotters under my tounge and on my gums no effects yet other than the usual upset stomach.


46-1:30 : Visuals begin light color bleed , tracers are prevalent at this point. No body load at all.


1:31 - 4:00 : Hallucinations similar to a very strong dose of acid (4+ Blotters) Textures morph with each other and I cant help but feeling that this is more intense than any acid I have ever done. This is the Plateau stage of the trip


4:01 - 5:00 : Beginning to come down at this point , Tracers are still prevalent  but still no body load.


5:01 : By now most affects have subsided mild tracers still appear but are rarer and farther apart.


NOTE: After taking 25i or 25c (I've taken 25c before same effect) Smoking Marijuana has intensified immensely. It makes the effects extremely intense and should be looked into by those who are building tolerances to THC. <---- This intensity last up to 9 weeks

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