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  1. Someone needs to kill Hilary Clinton and Trump before the actual election starts.
  2. You'd sell your only pussy source for a junker?
  3. Guess the number I am thinking of, 1-100000000000 Good luck!
  4. I was having this same issue with multiple OTHER bot clients at one point. The solution was downloading the latest JDK. Ever since then those clients have been running fine. I have no idea if it will work on the osbot client, but I'd say its definitely worth a shot. Good luck
  5. It was not the client nor script... You got hacked, plain and simple.
  6. As long as you bot safe it's lower obviously, but it is quite high. Botting is still very possible nevertheless, and people continue to do it successfully.
  7. idntbot

    Price Check~

    Four million gold pieces.
  8. I was going to literally suggest the same thing lol. Every time I kill minotaurs I always add iron arrows to the loot list because theres just so many. This would also be a good f2p money maker.
  9. In the recent past most of my bans were perm.
  10. You already have a high school diploma, so I don't know what the point would be in getting it.
  11. Does anyone know the requirement for the Veteran rank and pip? thanks
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