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Completed![Armour] Osrs Kit Made By The Hero Of Time

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Hello guys! As a few of you already know, I've been making an OSRS kit with all the information you need about weapons & Armour.


A while ago i decided to add Every piece of armor in the game(that is usefull and actually serves a purpose) and i did.


The melee category is currently not 100% complete. I will add magic and ranged weapons later, it also doesn't have ALL of the melee weapons, but almost all of them wink.png



Begin screen:



If you don't like the startup sound ( parade ) you can either choose a different song, or just mute





Melee tab:


Prayer tab:


Ranged tab:


Quest & minigame tab:


Thanks to @Master Chief for bilbo carrying the quest cape =)

Magic tab:




Oh, and if you want to have some fun, here is how it looked like when i started it, xD






I have put A lot of time in this, and i hope you can appreciate that. 
Feel free to report any bug / wrong information !
Refer to the readme.txt in the .rar ! there it is explained where you can find the .exe and how you can add a icon to it, to make it look better smile.png
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