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Beginner Signature Tutorial

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This is for beginners. 

Takes 5-15 minutes depending on how familiar you are with Photoshop.


Paste render.

Make this background with your brushes yo.


Choose the colors from your render.

[you want the one that you see in the red to be very dark. because you're trying to make people focus on the render!]



Duplicate render a bajillion times. Fill the entire background with it like this.

Merge these all together.



blur -> Motion blur it - 50 pixels, 0 angle.





Distort -> Ripple -> 244 medium



Put it on color dodge.



Do some half assed smudging.



Put that on color dodge.




Congratulations. You're done if you feel like being done.





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You don't think that the people who couldn't do it would get offended by your title? LOL


Anyone can do this.


Finding the tools might take you a while if you're 100% new to photoshop.


But that's about it.


However, if someone can't, then they're probably too daft to be offended.

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