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Already emailed admin... no response

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i'm having problems with 2 accounts.

The first account (my original) Xaghant had its password changed and i no longer have access to the email.

is it impossible to recover it? because i dont think the hacker changed the password he just "reset it".


secondly, i made another account after that called xaghant3 and it soon had a problem where i cant load any of the OSBOT site/forum and gives me an "insufficient permission" error.


now i had to make this account to report my issues since my email i sent to admins haven't been responded to in over 5 days.

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I'm 99% certain none of the OSBot administrators check their email.


Disregard @Swizzbeat's message, as it's just him being annoying. (Although you should actually look into scanning your computer of viruses)


Your best bet is to just send a private message to @Maldesto since he's the nicest and most reasonable staff in my opinion. @Mikasa is also a great option to go to. Other staff members can help too, but those two are probably your best options. For a full list of staff, click here.



In the private message you should contain previous login names, and IP addresses you have used on your old account. Sending the message from the same IP address as your old account would make it really easy for the staff too. 



Good luck,

-Master Chief

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Before you make any more accounts, delete the gold generator off your computer so all your new accounts don't get hacked as well Troll.gif



they dont have access to my computer.

they just knew my email and log-in and did "forgot password" for everysite they can think of.


i already sorted it out with zybez, and twitch, and a few other sites but OSBot isnt responding

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