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SMiner 3

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Hello guys,


yesterday I have decided to make a reloaded SMiner 2 version. I make it complete new only the paint is the old. At the moment I have this plans.



Will be added:


  • Antiban(Not in the Alpha verision)
  • Deathwalk(Not in the Alpha verision)
  • Record path with doors and ladders, staircases. (Already finished only add save and load)
  • M1D1



Already added:


  • Get rocks without any id, no new id getting after update, saveable!
  • Add rocks when they are not available or in smoking rock event!
  • Avoids smoking rocks
  • Repair pickaxe
  • Runs to the next spawning rock
  • Power drop method is now faster
  • Paint
  • Hover next rock
  • GUI was added but it is not functionally
  • The hover feature will be deactivate when you choose different kinds of rocks
  • Drop methods
  • Banking
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Thank you, and I already found one =3.

+ will this one walk back to the spot? Because the last time that I had a combat random event ( swarm ) while using miner2, he ran away but didn't walk back..

And by the way you are really doing a great job QwPha8E.png.


The swarm is a random event. The client deals the random events. But i add a new walking system with an automatic door handler. I think the script will run back.

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