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[Release] Bot Status - Remote Babysitting

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No longer works past what ever update introduced the memory loader. 1.8?


Short and sweet.

Look at the image in the link.

Then see the virus scan/text below that link.



Just click me for the image








Gmail account

.Net 4.5



Click me!


If you would like to try the program out, post on this thread.

Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated because I like to know how it is going.


These messages have problems sending to UK numbers.

Some of you are better off just sending to a normal e-mail linked to the phone.

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looks awesome, I wouldn't mind seeing the source code before I use it though



Sending you the code now.


Looks very nice but why have to put gmail user and pass in? Dont need a email password to recive an email? Unless i misred somethi ng


You need to supply those credentials because it is sending the mail from you (also it had to check your unread mail). Just making a dummy account is honestly what I recommend anyways because the less spam you receive the better.

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