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Are we aloud to?

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Are we aloud to pay somone to write content on our accounts? 

The thing is I don't like to spam and create unwanted and stupid posts ; I relaly could have been a Osbot Veteran but i dont post onthe forums much often. 


if yes, Then im paying somone to write content on my account i need posts for using the selling "account" board[100 posts  = $2]


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14. Your Forum Account

You are not allowed to share your forum account. This is not accepted and will result in a permanent ban. The use of Proxies/VPNs on the forum is prohibited. If you are using a VPN/Proxy that is linked to a banned member, you will be banned. Therefore we advise you to only use your own, real, IP address.




You're still having THEM doing the work on it.



This thread is hilarious, someone please close.

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