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Huge drastic price messed up. I'm positive Swizzbeat has lost a few hundreds of dollars due to this as well as OSBot losing a few hundred dollars. I've urged you in the past to fix your prices and a few days ago as well. Yet you keep it off and don't allow me to help whatsoever. 

Fix it unless you feel like losing more money and cause Swizzbeat to lose cash as well. 



6e9d31ca44db6008a55319fbfaf120ae.png VIP PRICE







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No, the price is wrong. lel

VIP discount = 10%

10% of 4.99 = .49 = price costs 4.50


price costs 3.59 or w/e my screen shot says.

VIP is getting a 28% discount which I'm not sure how someone messed that up. Its nearly triple the normal discount ratio


Sponsor is getting a 32% discount which is doubled and more and I'm not sure how someone messed that up neither........




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Honestly, they should display pricing for ALL groups. Not only would this attract people into buying VIP+, as they see how cheap scripts can be if they their a VIP+ member, but it would prevent things like this from happening again as the scripter can see the price level at all areas.

I lold how you gained 300-400+ sales over the past 1-2 months and the price has been like that the whole time though. You've seriously lost a good amount of cash man........

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