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BETA v1.7.72


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Dear community,


In this release the following issues regarding OSBot 1 have been tackled:

  • Login for high risk worlds
  • Freezing random event engine related to hopping
  • A change to gaussian distributions so they are capped and can't produce the VERY rare exceptions and thus bugs
  • The isUnderAttack methods is now no longer just a logout timer. If nothing is facing you, it won't tell you that you're in combat. If something is facing you, it will check the actual logout timer.
  • The above is implemented into the Run Away From Combat anti-random handler
  • Both Login and Welcome Screen randoms have gotten an overhaul and work better
  • The World Hopper should now have no more bugs
  • All randoms that need a canReach() check now actually have it implemented

Download for this version can be found here: http://www.osbot.org


I know I should be focusing on OSBot 2, but on the other hand some of those fixes were a necessity. 





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