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CTGarden - Complete's Sorceress Garden!


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CTGarden - Complete's any Sorceress Garden!


There seems that there is no Sorceress Garden script out for the community. Having being asked many times if I can make one, I have started my project. It will be a project that will take many tests, runs, and errors to perfect and make flawless. But I believe I can do it. I will be releasing a BETA script here in a while for all of you test. 



  • The Winter Garden is complete, it has flaws and does not always get pas the elements. 
  • Banking is supported.
  • Grabbing fruits is supported - Soon a choice between herbs


Not Completed:

  • Other gardens
  • World Hop support - if too many players will hop.
  • Perfectionwink.png
  • GUI






I love feedback and constructive criticism, so leave me some. I hope y'all will enjoy this script in the near future. And if you have any suggestions leave them here for me. smile.png Thanks.


CTGArden [bETA] By: CarsonT - Please leave me suggestions or errors. Remember, currently only does Winters Garden, start it in the garden.

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