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It's Coming...


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I have a feeling this won't end well lol

I'll be thoroughly testing each and every WorkScript I write before release, I hope to get at least 5-10 common ones, I've got 2 so far and working on a third.


Lol we all have the source code for superscript factory. This is too easy... tongue.png

I don't even have the .jar and mine is I assume much different and hopefully efficient (never used SSF)

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am going to buy

Much cheaper or free depending on what Maxi says. (Zach said premium is fine)

Get on skype btw.

just got on and your off sad.png

Just watched him use it over Skype screenshare and it is awwwweeeeeeeeesssssssssssooooooommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee

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Seems like a pretty exciting Script! I'll get it if you teach me how to use it well tongue.png

It's quite simple, I'll try to make tutorials before releasing it.


huehue nice job wink.png

Nice job to you sir. QwPha8E.png


Can you add conditional statements with this?

Yes, the Jumping to Lines is conditional if you look carefully.


Update: Ran my alcher overnight for 8 hours, got at least 15 randoms with 2x 1.5 hour breaks, and was running when I came back. Also my fletcher ran for 3 hours before my CPU rose and OSBot auto-closed.


I'll be making a unique skill paint later on.

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