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OsBot needs a "Supreme Court"


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A committee to help interpret the rules\make final rulings in situations as we saw with rule #4 (Cortana Vs. People who re-posted her photos).


Why is this needed?


Would help provide closure to cases of importance and remove any "gray areas" of certain rules.


Who should be on it?


This group should be comprised current staff (global+) and admins. 


What would they do?


As mentioned above, it would be there specific jobs to make final rulings on situations that touch upon the gray areas of the rules. They would perform a group vote/discuss how the rule should be interpreted/what punishment should be applied(if any). This would help avoid unfair/unjust bans as well as provide a much more solid understanding of the rules to the community.


If a member of the "OsCourt" was involved in the case in question, they should not be allowed to vote, only to voice why they did what they did.


Thoughts? Idea? Additions? Leave them below.  

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