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am i crazy?


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is it me or am i bugging, you're an account seller/gp seller you have website etc on website you have options to buy things via, paypal, btc,osrs gp and ebay;

I'm trying to buy an account your "paypal is down" so you send me an ebay link account i want isn't there so you tell me buy the account with gp; you tell me 54.54$ is 210m so buy it off your site i agree and when i go to check out its 92$ i didn't buy the gp and offered to just send you the money via cashapp you decline and now impatient with me am i in the wrong or is this person wrong? it was "EZ" for me to just close out site and go on about my day :) dont get scammed <3 i also told them they're bad business. 

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I get what your saying man. Not really a scam but i would likely take my business else where as well. I get the whole paypal being down thing they aren't always friendly to what we do and like to close accounts. i could deal with using stripe or ebay instead for a similar price but if they can accept your card for payment for gold then they should be able to accept it for the account. the issue you're running into is they take gold for purchase at a lower rate then they sell it for so its a loosing mans game. you typically wont come out on top buying gold to make purchases as like i said your purchase rate will almost always be higher then sell rate. I would recommend crypto if you have a reasonable way to access it just don't hold any serious amount in anything volitile unless you understand and appreciate the risk it brings.

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